Omega Alliance Partners is a management consulting company specializing exclusively in the development and management of corporate strategic alliances. 

We are a consulting company with a difference.

Our difference is that our compensation is performance-based, which means that we retain a vested interest in ensuring the long term success of our clients' alliance relationships.  The mission of Omega Alliance Partners is to deliver the specialized knowledge, skills, and resources that small and mid-sized companies need to succeed in their alliance initiatives.

Our client relationships are forged with accountability
and endure through results.


Strategic alliances in any of their forms (e.g. joint ventures, partnerships, consortiums) have irreversibly altered the way business is conducted the world over.  Effective alliances have been proven to outperform all other business development investments including marketing, product development, and mergers & acquisitions. Companies today that don't proactively develop effective alliance strategies risk losing market share and competitive advantages.

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